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May 12 2015

Burglar Proof Your house With The Right Home Security Techniques

One time i read an article on home security teaching people the easiest way a lock - it may seem, why would someone teach that? It appears absurd, but the concept is simple - locks may just give you an illusion that youre secure at home, but in reality, burglars can easily pick those locks and access your humble abode. Even though the number of burglaries and other crimes has increased in the last year, it should be everyones priority to increase the safety of their own homes.

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How would you burglar-proof your home, when our trustworthy locks, cant be 100% reliable all the time? You cant rely on these as the only means of securing your property. Other tools have to be utilized so you can create multiple lines of home defense.

To increase your homes security, listed here are some steps and possibilities for you to consider, to help you keep your home far from burglars.

Think Being a Burglar

For most thieves, time is essential to them. They need to be able to gain access to ones home and quickly leave without anybody noticing it. Their target homes could be ones that can be easily accessed with no risk of detection. In general, one simple way of securing your house is by making it difficult for others to gain entry.
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Sadly, research has revealed that approximately 30% of burglars get access to ones home is through an unlocked basement or door. While it has been mentioned earlier that any lock could be picked, if these doors are already unlocked, this leaves them more possibility to enter and leave your house undetected. The best and simplest way to safeguard your home from thieves is as simple as securing all entry ways are closed and locked - this includes windows.

Install A Security system

Yes, youll need to invest heavily in home based security system, but it doesn't mean that you have to shed excess amount on it. There are different forms of security systems, and finding the one that matches your needs with your budget may be accomplished with the proper research.

Studies show that homes with no security system are three times more likely to be the targets of burglars. Install CCTV cameras and alarms. While these items require you to spend money, it is considered as a good investment since youre not only protecting your home and valuables, however you can always sleep using a peace of mind without having to be worried about your familys safety.

Get yourself a Dog

Some people would recommend you bring home a dog. Get him trained - by doing this, youll be alerted whenever your dog has seen or detected someone inside the premises of your home. A word of precaution though, make certain you keep your dog trained, to ensure that he wont harm innocent people visiting your property, or simply passer-bys.

Securing your doors, adding double, or triple locks and ensuring there is a security system installed a few of the common things that that you can do to ensure that your home is secure all the time.

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